i can't tell you what i don't know

i can't tell you what i don't know
pairing: taehwa/eeteuk - chris and hwichan also make a lot of appearances
rating/genre: pg-ish. comedy with some fluffy things
dedication: crazychickencow and dalpaengee for jumping on the battle fandom bandwagon with me and forcing me into ficcing this after i showed them how freaking obvious taehwa is with his boycrush on teuk. no one else is going to read this... why am i posting it again?
summary: taehwa likes eeteuk but he's in denial so he makes everyone else suffer. violence ensues.

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brushstrokes faded

brushstrokes faded
pairing: kangin/eeteuk for the most part but everyone is involved somehow
rating/genre: pg-ish. angst, angst, and more angst.
dedication: jiyeop for giving me the prompt of "so, how about some leeteuk losing his memory and he slowly doesn't remember any of the members. reason for prompt is because his memory is pretty fail sometimes. "marry me? marry u? what is it?" please to work in some kangteuk? *~*"
summary: "when i forget everyone- everything," eeteuk pauses, his grip tightening on the metal bar beneath his hands. he tries to keep his composure as he flips his hair out of his eyes. "will i still be able to see?"

the few people i've had read this over say that they can't find anything wrong with it so if you find something, it's their fault >>;

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give me some to shake my writers block
angst, porn, ...angst, maybe something happy?

just- give me something to work with D:
(i can't promise i'll write every prompt/pairing i'm given but i will try to eventually write them all)

...or not

okay, hi guys. i've been getting some people begging me not to give up on my fanfic writing and i've decided that glonk is still going to be here despite everything i've said before. truthfully, i don't want to stop writing just because of a few bumps along the way.

thanks for all of your support and i'm going to try to promise that i won't go anywhere again :\♥♥

all of my graphics posts will now be located at gomijul, so if you added me for graphics alone, you might want to de/un-friend this journal and go join/watch that community!

mysticpuzzle is where you can find all of my fics prior to july 2007. i wouldn't advise you to read them but whatever floats your boat...

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kang in the bastard

housewarming / kang in the bastard
pairing: mostly kang in-centric, but EVERYONE(of 13) shows up in this. hints at kangteuk, blohyuk, maybe kangkyung? oh and hee chul/shi won/jesus
rating/genre: crack!fic. r for cursing, kang in's porn collection and other suggestive things
notes: WOW. i really don't know what to say about this. i couldn't sleep so i wrote crack!fic about kang in's apartment and how everyone would probably drive him crazy because he moved out. it's safe to say that my brain has imploded and i'm sorry for any other brains that are broken in the reading process of this... whatever it is.

not betaed and i know things are spelled incorrectly because of lack of sleep, you can point them out to me though :[

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