harmonium (glonk) wrote,

...or not

okay, hi guys. i've been getting some people begging me not to give up on my fanfic writing and i've decided that glonk is still going to be here despite everything i've said before. truthfully, i don't want to stop writing just because of a few bumps along the way.

thanks for all of your support and i'm going to try to promise that i won't go anywhere again :\♥♥

all of my graphics posts will now be located at gomijul, so if you added me for graphics alone, you might want to de/un-friend this journal and go join/watch that community!

mysticpuzzle is where you can find all of my fics prior to july 2007. i wouldn't advise you to read them but whatever floats your boat...

2006/11/27: to make you feel my love (shi won/ee teuk)
2006/12/31: all the ever needed (kang in/ee teuk)
2007/03/11: thunderstorms (shi won/ee teuk)
2007/05/09: lost in the music (shi won/dong hae)
2007/05/15: quicksand (kang in/ee teuk)
2007/05/27: angry (tae hwa/ee teuk) -- crossover
2007/06/17: korea's number one everything (kang in/eru) -- crossover
2007/07/11: listening (kang in/ee teuk/shi won)
2007/07/28: a place to stay (ki bum/ee teuk)
2007/09/19: pillows (kang in/ee teuk)
2007/09/25: should-haves or might-have-beens (kang in/ee teuk)
2007/11/03: of death and dying (hyuk jae/sung min)
2007/11/21: calendar (ee teuk centric)
2007/11/23: lick (han kyung/hee chul)
2007/11/23: muscles (kang in/ki bum)
2007/12/14: chains (heechul/kang in)
2007/12/18: freefall (kang in/ee teuk)
2008/04/14: the morning after (kangteuk, wonteuk, wonteukhae, shin dong/shower curtain, han kyung/take out box, kyumin, yehwook... i think that's all unless you count hyuk jae/sanity?)
2008/05/06: shipwreck (kang in / ee teuk)
2008/05/12: little dipper (shi won/ee teuk/dong hae)
2008/06/23: you're not a day too soon (hyuk jae/dong hae)
2008/07/21: housewarming / kang in the bastard (kang in/ee teuk, kang in/han kyung? shi won/heechul/jesus?)
2007/03/21: hands (yoo chun/jun su)
2008/01/22: neverland (yoo chun/jun su)
2008/04/22: i hope my fists can fight for two(jun su/jae joong)

2007/02/22: ee teuk drabbles (ee teuk/everyone)
2008/06/05: drabbles with musical beginnings(sort of) (kang in/tae yeon(friendship), tablo/hyuk jae, hyuk jae/ee teuk, yunho/heechul, tae hwa/ee teuk, shi won/ee teuk(onesided yehteuk), kang in/heechul, kang in/ee teuk, shi won/ee teuk, kyu hyun/ryeo wook)
2008/06/30: of the sea (no pairing)
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