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super junior k

super junior k
kibum-centric. pg for some cursing.
i really don't know. it was an idea and i went with it. i've seen a lot of people wondering why ki bum isn't in a subgroup. the answer is simple. he would take over the world.

"i have an announcement to make. there's going to be another subgroup," lee sooman grins and the majority of the room groans. "that's why i've called all of the subgroups here today." he laughs manically and heechul looks like he wants to vomit.

"where is this one going to be based," eeteuk speaks up after a moment and all eyes fall on him.

"all over the world!"


"wh-... huh," hyukjae manages with wide eyes and water dribbling down his shirt (from where he missed his mouth). "but we don't know english!"

"speak for yourself," donghae glares and goes into an english dialogue about his hobbies much to the dismay of everyone else.

"oh, none of you are going to be in it," sooman says while using jazz hands and sauntering over to his giant projector.

"none of us? how is it super junior then," kang in asks incredulously and eeteuk slaps his hands over the younger man's mouth begging him to be quiet- just this once. he doesn't think he can take another splitting headache.

"wait- where's kibum?"

"shh, that's the good part," sooman seems almost giddy and sungmin lets his head fall against the table.

sooman has the boys looking at some charts and figures when kibum finally shows up.

"seonsaeng-nim, you wanted to see me?"

"ah," sooman exclaims and scares half of the room awake. kyuhyun drools on the desk. "there's the star!"

"star? kibummie? ahaha," heechul sighs and shakes his head slowly. "this is a joke, right?"

"this is the sole member of super junior k!" sooman swings an arm around kibum, who grins shyly and shrugs a little bit.

"i don't really think it's a good idea either..."

ryeowook falls out of his chair and looks as if he's seen a ghost.

"that's blasphemy," shiwon whispers fearfully.

"that's not a sub group, that's a solo-" kangin gets his mouth covered again.

"well, um," ee teuk starts and smiles timidly, "super junior k... fighting?"

there's a long awkward silence and he laughs nervously.

"his activities start tomorrow, the rest of you can go- do whatever..." sooman trails off before beaming and practically skipping out of the room.

"he's lost it..."

"oh," kyuhyun shrugs and pats kibum's shoulder as he moves out of the room. "good luck."

kibum just smiles.

"super junior is doomed," ryeowook cries dramatically before running out of the room in what appears to be slow motion. "DOOOOOOMED!"

yehsung wakes up all alone in the room, looks around and notices the super junior k banner before laughing out loud. "wait, guys! where are the hidden cameras- guys?"

"oh my god," shindong screams and runs out of the living room, back down the hallway. "it's not a joke, guys! it's not a joke... it's really- sooman is crazy."

they've all piled in the living room. kibum is giving an interview about the new super junior subgroup.

"so, kibum-sshi, what's it like having your own group?"

"haha... it's nice," he nods and smiles at the lady who expects much more from him apparently because they sit in silence for a good five minutes.

"this is really the worst thing i've ever had to watch," eeteuk whispers on the verge of tears. "he's so nervous..."

"hah? you think it was worth watching you guys run around in your pajamas? i'd rather staple my eyelids closed," heechul says with his hands on his hips as he scoffs.

"shut up, idiot. they're talking again," kangin scowls.

"could you tell us about your new single?"

"oh, haha... well," he clears his throat and looks around for a moment as his band members are practically pushing their faces inside of the tv. "haha... it's going to be fun."


"mm," he grins as a boypile lands on the floor.

"SERIOUSLY? IS THIS SERIOUS," ryeowook squawks and covers his face with his hands. eeteuk is sobbing and kyuhyun is laughing (again).

"he's so cool," donghae says in awe and shoves another piece of hyukjae's popcorn in his mouth.

"i'm not nervous, hyung, really. the song is pretty cool," kibum smiles as eeteuk smooths out invisible wrinkles on his shirt. "i can't wait for you guys to see it," he says confidently to the boys who all sit bunched together on one of the couches with both perplexed and horrified expressions.

"do your best," ee teuk whispers as if he's about to cry (again). "we all love you very much and we're cheering for you!"

heechul snorts.

"haha, i guess i'm up," kibum shrugs and nods to everyone before walking out toward the stage for his debut.

"god, i feel so bad for him," eeteuk mumbles and smacks himself on the forehead. sungmin goes over and turns on the monitor before returning to the already crowded couch.

they see kibum walk out on stage and gasp in horror.

"he's really going to do it!"

"someone should go help him!"

"shit! who's sitting on my hand?"

the music starts and kibum laughs. he stands and smiles for a good twenty seconds as the fangirls chant different versions of his name. clasping his hands behind his back, he laughs again and the fangirls scream.

"what the fuck?"

"doomed... we're doomed."

"thank you," kibum says into the mic and chuckles before shrugging and stepping back again. the crowd goes absolutely mental.

super junior k is a success.

"hyung..." hyukjae mumbles and eeteuk slides his chair over, looking at the younger man's monitor.

teukie oppa~~ hyukkie oppa~~ play kibum's new song!!! super junior k fighting!! kekeke~

it makes me really sad that my oppas haven't played kibummie's song. it's so catchy~ really, i'm going to lose my temper if you don't... ^^

PLAY KIBUM OPPA'S SONG OR YOU WILL DIE!! keke~ play it... really. U_U

"they aren't serious, are they," ee teuk asks softly and eunhyuk shrugs, taking another swig of his strawberry milk. they watch as one of the staff comes over.

"we're going to have to play kibum's new song, it's causing such a fuss... immediately after this commercial break, okay?" she says gently and eeteuk sighs.

"this is insane, hyung. i think the world will end soon... like shiwon and ryeowook said." eeteuk just sighs and pats his arm lightly. "wait, isn't that a known anti who is commenting," hyukjae all but squeals and eeteuk slams his head against the table.

super junior k's first single consists of the song "behind my smile i feel nothing but happiness and i want to laugh with you, my fans" which is about a minute long, followed by an instrumental. there is a photobook but the rest of super junior are curious as to why it's just one picture of kibum smiling which is photoshopped on different backgrounds.

"it looks, um," sungmin starts and shrugs, looking around for help.

"like a piece of shit," heechul finishes and a few heads nod in agreement for once.

"hahaha, i don't really get it either. i don't think it will sell much."

there isn't a copy left in korea by the end of the week and ryeowook has to be hospitalized after passing out seven times back to back.

within the next year, kibum's single is nominated for three grammies, various vmas, and a bunch of different awards for every mtv music award across the globe. he wins them all.

when he comes back home, he shrugs and laughs while the other members go through his trophies in awe. shiwon and ryeowook, however, make note of his every move.

"hey, kibum, can i keep this one," donghae asks as he shoves the trophy in kibum's face.

"sure," he shrugs as he duels kyuhyun in some creepy war game over their computers.

"osh...car? oscar? how did you win an oscar?"

"oh, i was on a soundtrack for an american movie.... scream 6," he mumbles and cuts off kyuhyun's head with a machete.
Tags: character: ki bum, rating: pg, super junior k
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