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i can't tell you what i don't know

i can't tell you what i don't know
pairing: taehwa/eeteuk - chris and hwichan also make a lot of appearances
rating/genre: pg-ish. comedy with some fluffy things
dedication: crazychickencow and dalpaengee for jumping on the battle fandom bandwagon with me and forcing me into ficcing this after i showed them how freaking obvious taehwa is with his boycrush on teuk. no one else is going to read this... why am i posting it again?
summary: taehwa likes eeteuk but he's in denial so he makes everyone else suffer. violence ensues.

taehwa is laughing but he doesn't know why he's laughing because eeteuk is laughing too and he feels like he should keep laughing just so he won't have to reply because he wasn't really listening (because he was too busy looking at how fucking gorgeous eeteuk is when he smiles). he tilts his head to one side as his shifts from foot to foot, then smiles the best he can even though his chest feels so tight.

"hey, hyung? you have a phone right," he asks and mentally slaps himself after he says it. of course eeteuk has a phone. why would he not have a phone? "with buttons and- you know?"

"yeah, taehwa-yah, i have a phone..."

"oh, good, so," he offers a smile which immediately falters when eeteuk walks away.

"you want to give me your number?" he teases when he walks back over with his phone in hand and taehwa just laughs and hopes that he doesn't stumble over the numbers he's putting in with blurry vision (because eeteuk has touched this phone and he wonders why he would care about something so stalker-ish and creepy) before handing it back quickly and bowing at least a thousand more times before darting out of the studio and nearly running over a staff member.

"what are you doing," chris squawks (literally squawks. seriously...) as he plops down by taehwa who scowls because he doesn't want to be interrupted from checking his phone at least every 20 secounds even though he's got his ringtone on all the way up and vibrate just in case. "are you waiting for a girl to call? you're so lame, taehwa hyung..."

"shut up or i'll punch you in the face," taehwa mutters and shoves chris over. "it's not a girl? why would it be a girl? who talks to girls anyway," he all but screams as he kicks chris in the stomach and sends him flying on the floor. there's a long period of whining and groaning before chris stands up and skips out of the room singing something that sounds remotely like "taehwa likes a girl and she won't even call him~"

taehwa misses eeteuk's first call because he's too busy on the floor with chris in a headlock screaming in a way that kind of sounds like a wounded duck.

("hey, this is eeteuk... you told me to call you but you must be busy which is okay, so i'll call you later- or did you tell me to call you? haha, well, i'll call you tomorrow."

taehwa kind of thinks about killing chris and setting him on fire so no one will be able to find him but he doesn't really think about it because people shouldn't think of hiding dead bodies of people they're supposed to love and shit.)

"hey," he decides is the best way to respond to eeteuk after about twenty seconds of shifting awkwardly and remembering how to speak. "it's taehwa."

"i was kind of hoping so, you did give me your number after all," eeteuk laughs and hwichan pokes his head in the door with a wide grin.

taehwa picks up a shoe and hits him in the forehead with it. bullseye, he thinks with a grin as hwichan screams and falls backward, dragging half of taehwa's manga collection with him to the floor.

"is... everything okay?"

"oh!" shit, he slaps himself in the forehead and mutters under his breath. "um, i just dropped my... thing."

"your thing?"

"yeah, uh, the thing... that- that opens doors."

"a key?"

"oh, yeah, that," he blushes ear to ear and eeteuk laughs.

"that must be a heavy key." taehwa laughs but not because it's funny but because eeteuk is laughing at himself and it's so adorable but not really because that would be so gay and ridiculous.

hwichan tries to stand up and ends up dragging the rest of taehwa's manga collection to the floor as he stumbles backwards again with another shriek.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" taehwa thinks he hears a very annoying and high pitched voice say as he moves to shut his door (on hwichan's ankle).

"is everything okay? should i call back later?"

"NO... no, hyung- i'll... i'm- it's okay really."

"HYUNG? I THOUGHT YOU WERE TALKING TO A GIRL," chris exclaims and makes a face.

"maybe you should call back later," taehwa deadpans as chris takes off down the hall and hwichan scrambles to get leverage on something.

eeteuk invites him over to lunch one afternoon and taehwa almost wishes he lived somewhere so nice and quiet until the rest of super junior happy comes in and kangin stares at him like a father who knows his entire past and how many girls he's slept with and he's trying to figure out if taehwa has a std- or maybe taehwa is just thinking it.

"you guys all know taehwa, right," eeteuk asks and he looks so unaffected by the fact that kangin is crushing taehwa's bones with his mind.

"hey, taehwa, want to belly dance like we did on sukira? it'll be fun," hyukjae says and tries to pull him to his feet but eeteuk pulls taehwa back down with a smile, politely declining for him and he mentally thanks him for doing that but he's too busy trying to breathe because eeteuk's fingers feel so soft around his wrist.

"does kangin hyung hate me," he asks later when they're by themselves in the kitchen, taehwa actually helping do dishes for the first time in his life. "i mean, he kept looking at me weird."

"he doesn't hate you, i guess i just talk about you a lot," eeteuk shrugs and taehwa nearly drops the plate he's handing over the older man.

"talk about me?"

"yeah, having you on sukira has been really fun, taehwa-yah."

("so did you have a nice date with eeteuk hyung, taehwa?"

"it wasn't a date."

"did you kiss him?" hwichan leans forward with wide eyes.

"shut up, that's so gay," chris says with an eyeroll before taehwa lunges across the table at them both.)

"i have a concern and it's only a concern so don't get mad at me," ryu says quickly as he moves to sit beside taehwa on the couch. "why do you keep beating up the younger ones and using them as target practice with your shoes?"

"i always do that," taehwa mumbles with a shrug as he changes the channel.

"but it's happening more often and they're saying something about you having a date and please don't look at me like that because i'm only a mediator," he says nervously and pats at taehwa's knee. "just... try to keep the beating down to a minimum- if you can, i mean."

"i will if i feel like it."

"i'm glad we had this talk, taehwa," he says helplessly and gets up after a minute, scratching the back of his head as chris and hwichan eye him from the kitchen with disbelief written all over their faces. they write the manager and ask if they can have a new leader shortly after.

"we're going to china."



"how long?"

"six months- maybe longer..." there's a long pause and taehwa can feel the disappointment in each breath the older man takes. "i'm sorry, hyung. i probably won't be able to come back to sukira... i have to do my farewell show soon."

"ah," eeteuk finally says and it sounds like his voice is breaking. "could you come over- or maybe i'll go over there?"

"no, hyung, don't- i'll come..." but the phone has already clicked off and taehwa knows that he needs to come up with a scheme to get the rest of the idiots out of the house even though they're all just as depressed as he is. he opens the door and chris and hwichan look up at him from where they were probably eavesdropping in hopes of cheering themselves up.

"we won't bother you, hyung-" hwichan starts as he moves to stand up.

"-so don't kick all of us out of the apartment," chris finishes and they both flinch as the older man walks by them sullenly.

"we'll even lock ourselves in the bathroom if it'll make you happy, come on chris!" hwichan drags a shocked and protesting chris off down the hallway as an almost visibly deflated taehwa falls into a chair in the living room.

eeteuk comes knocking less than ten minutes later (not that he was counting or anything because that would be extremely gay, gayer than chris gay) and taehwa somehow finds a way to drag himself to the door.

"hyung," he starts but can't finish because eeteuk's lips are pressed firmly against his own and his back is up against something that's hard and unforgiving- something like the kitchen counter and it takes a minute for him to come to his senses and kiss eeteuk back, settling his all too clammy and nervous hands against the older man's barely there waist and pressing his fingertips into the fabric of his sweatpants. "hyung," he whispers against eeteuk's quivering lips as ryu pushes the rest of the group out the door. "hyung, i really like you- in the gayest way possible. like... almost as gay as chris but nothing is really as gay as chris- and i really don't want to leave you because you're really pretty even if you're a guy and i, i don't like it when you cry," he finishes lamely before kissing eeteuk all over again.

he doesn't remember how it happened but they've ended up in his top bunk and eeteuk is half dressed and crying with his fingers wrapped around taehwa's wrist. "you idiot," he keeps saying but he doesn't have to because taehwa knows. "why didn't you tell me before now?"

"because i wanted to kiss you and confess everything when i got back. i had it all planned out," he winces because it sounds oh so very lame and stupid but eeteuk laughs through his tears and kisses him again.

"idiot," i know, i know already, taehwa thinks as he brushes hair away from eeteuk's soft features. "i knew why you wanted my number and i was hoping you would find that out too but you took too long and that's why kangin hates you so much."

"i'd really like if we didn't talk about him right now because he really kills the moo-" taehwa is silenced again by eeteuk's mouth and he thinks he's okay with that.

("oh," hwichan says when they come back home and clothes are scattered in a trail that sort of leads to their bedroom. "oh, wow."

"oh, come on," chris squeaks and flips his hair out of his face, getting it in lio's mouth who sputters and shoves him to the side. "we can't even sleep in our room?!"

"you can if you really want to," kihyun offers and hwichan pretends to faint as chris rolls his eyes and smacks his gum obnoxiously.

ryu books them a hotel room.)
Tags: character: ee teuk, character: tae hwa, pairing: taeteuk, rating: pg, title: i can't tell you what i don't kno
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