okay, hi everyone ^^; i just want you guys to know that i've decided to use a journal for things other than fanworks so feel friend to add me at teukie! i like friends a lot :)

i know i didn't write all the drabbles from the requests but i just turned on some music and started to write on random days so this too an infinite amount of time and i still think all the drabbles suck but we know how i feel about my writing :\ ... so without further adieu(how does that even make sense?) i bring to you my drabble disasters D:

drabbles with musical beginnings(sort of)
pairings(in order): kang in/tae yeon(friendship), tablo/hyuk jae, hyuk jae/ee teuk, yunho/heechul, tae hwa/ee teuk, shi won/ee teuk(onesided yehteuk), kang in/heechul, kang in/ee teuk, shi won/ee teuk, kyu hyun/ryeo wook
rating/genre: g to nc-17, fluff to angst...
notes: i don't think i've read over any of these so i apologize for any spelling errors and things of that nature.

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drabble request post!

give me a subject to write about/song lyric/pairing/what have you and i shall give you a drabble of sorts in my next writing type update. just know that i can't write yeh sung, shin dong(i still love him D:) or chang min for reasons i would rather not explain. crossovers are pretty hot too- i know a good bit of the kmusic scene so i'm pretty sure i could muster up something or other if you want to spice things up a bit.

suggest as many as you'd like to, seriously. i don't know if i'll get around to them all immediately but go ahead i like ideas ~_~

i will probably write a portion of these tomorrow because i have places to be tonight but they will get done~ i'm itching for inspiration so give me your best shot!

little dipper.

little dipper
pairing ot3:shi won/ee teuk/dong hae
rating/genre: nc-17 fluffy angst with some smut and too much tape
dedications: i promised aneasywayout a fic so D: i almost want to delete this it just screams bad in my face but sdjfskfjsdfkj ;[ i fail. meagan i will write you a better fic asap, this doesn't do yours justice at all.
notes: this fic has no order and is based on a bunch of memories and flashbacks and other things which probably only make sense to me... read with caution :\ i should probably call this terrible fic ramblings of an insomniac instead.

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